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Category: Politics

Follow Nationalist leaders to follow on social media

Check our list of Nationalist leaders & organizations to follow on social media, Follow them, doing great work in National Interest. Feel pride in being an Indian Nationalist ideologue. Nationalism has nothing to do with religion, a person with any religion who loves this country, feel pride in […]

Nehru Gandhi Family chart history anti-hindu, anti-national

Acts & deeds of Nehru Gandhi Family, which discloses their religion

How do you see below-mentioned facts about Nhru Gandhi Family, which probably indicate something substantial – if seen by putting facts together and by seeing the co-relation between them. We are putting together many co-related facts about about Nehru Gandhi Family chart, its history and also a labelled […]

Valid arguments on the Religion of Nehru-Gandhi family?

For the previous 15 years or so, this has become one of the most talked about the question that ‘What is the actual religion of Nehru-Gandhi Family?’, ‘Who was Gangadhar Nehru ?’, ‘Gangadhar Nehru and Gayasuddin Ghazi Khan were the same characters?’ and much more similar and related questions.

India Poll on JNU Tukde Tukde anti-India slogan

India Poll on JNU Anti-India Slogan – What we think

Anti-India slogans at JNU has received strong reaction from every corner of society. Tukde-Tukde gang was getting priviledge from parties like Congress, Leftists and many other regional parties. But India is United, which reflected in vehement oppost of anti-India slogan episode of JNU. There are certain newspapers & […]

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