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why to use a password manager/generator

Why should I use a Password Manager & Generator?

Passwords are stolen all of the time, either by humans or by machines. To begin with, you make a master password that’s supposed to be the sole password you’ve got to remember going forward. Over a period of time, either you use this master password repeatedly on every […]

Best English Paraphrasing Tool, Article Rewriter Spinner

Superbly Helping English Paraphrasing tool/Article rewriter

Paraphrasing or rephrasing is an important academic skill, which is used to rewrite or rephrase the content in your own words. Mastering this art shows one’s ability to understand and articulate well in ‘easy to understand’ language. In today’s world, we have many wonderful online tools/websites which are […]

Royalty free images music and videos

Top 5 websites for royalty-free background music videos images

Today’s audience is looking for more and more top-quality content. in other words, they are not ok if the content is ‘just ok’. Creators/bloggers are more keen on creating long term, distinctive, eye-catching content. As a result, creators need top-rated web-sites for royalty-free digital assets for commercial or […]

Best Professional Photo Editing Service Websites/Software

Best professional photo editing service websites/software

Professional Photo Editor online/Editing/Retouching Service is a niche segment. The high-end professional photo editing and retouching is the service for businesses, Media & Entertainment segment and Ads & Marcom agencies etc. We have considered various key factors while preparing the list of best professional photo editing websites/services online […]

Photo Editing Course online

Photo Editing course online – How to learn Photo-editing

Quality Photoshop professionals are required in every field these days. Organizations and people expect creativity and innovation from Photoshop Photo Editing experts. As a result, Photoshop professionals are also acting very fast and looking for the best quality courses which can equip them with all the latest skillsets. […]

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