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  • Books on how to write a tender proposal & RFP Bids 10 Must Read Books to win Tender, RFP, Bids- Request for Proposal Writing (2/14/2018) - Organizations achieve great business month on month, due to their sales-force, more precisely bid management team or sales managers. Sales team, which go through a lengthy and complex process to win larges size deals of both corporate and government RFP bids/tenders. Bid management is like mini project management […]
  • Best Indian Biographies & Autobiographies 10 Must Read Inspiring Indian Biographies & Autobiographies (2/15/2017) - # Best and must-read Indian Biographies and Autobiographies & memoirs, Must read Indian Biography and Autobiography books from India.# We might know many things about Mahatma Gandhi, but do you know how this man became a noble soul, this journey in his own words seems to be the […]
  • Banned, most famous & controvertial books in India 25 Most controversial & famous Banned books in India List (12/1/2017) - We have the history of banning the controversial & famous books by the government since British India. Books with the inflammatory viewpoint about a particular society/religion/race usually become the victim of such cases of the book-ban. Books which poses a threat to the contemporary government could easily invite […]
  • Nehru Gandhi Family chart history anti-hindu, anti-national Acts & deeds of Nehru Gandhi Family, which discloses their religion (11/26/2018) - How do you see below-mentioned facts about Nhru Gandhi Family, which probably indicate something substantial – if seen by putting facts together and by seeing the co-relation between them. We are putting together many co-related facts about about Nehru Gandhi Family chart, its history and also a labelled […]
  • नेहरू गांधी परिवार के कृत्य-कथन जो उनके धर्म का खुलासा करते हैं! (11/27/2018) - # (Nehru-Gandhi Family Real Religion Muslim/Family Chart/Tree)Nehru Gandhi Family Religion Hindu or Muslim, Nehru Gandhi ka Itihas, Gangadhar Nehru, Gayasuddin gazi family tree, Ghiyasuddin Ghazi # गांधी परिवार चार्ट, नेहरू परिवार चार्ट, नेहरू गांधी का इतिहास, नेहरू परिवार की सच्चाई # – नेहरू गांधी परिवार का असली धर्म […]
  • How to become smart by reading biographies and autobiographies Become smart: read biography & autobiographies (1/13/2016) - Biography & autobiography books are considered as a medicine, which works to inspire & motivate you. Usually most of the people don’t relate with self-help books. However, the same people love to read a book in story form, they love to read about the person, whose stories they […]
  • Best & must-read Books on ‘Out of the Box’ thinking, Creativity and Innovation (1/17/2019) - “As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges.”― Jay Abraham Books “Out of the Box Thinking”: Six Thinking Hats Paperback – by Edward de Bono “Lateral Thinking” by Edward De Bono The Black Swan: Second Edition: The Impact of the Highly […]
  • Best books for IAS UPSC Best Books for IAS UPSC Preliminary / prelims Exam 2019 (1/14/2019) - #best books for IAS prelims, Best books for ias prelims 2019, Books for UPSC prelims 2019, best books for ias prelims 2019,IAS prelims books suggested by toppers, books for UPSC Civil Srvices, best books for upsc quora #. UPSC Civil Services which is popular among Indians as IAS, is […]
  • Don’t miss it! 35 Must Read Books for Every Indian (11/24/2018) - Don't miss it ! 35 Must Read Books for Every Indian. Judge your-self by reading these books and prepare your own list. Also You must influence others to read these books.
  • NDTV Frauds – must read book, which unmasks it! (4/17/2017) - I must admit that NDTV Frauds is an explosive book  & There are convincing reasons to call it ‘explosive’. Its not easy to say something extremely factual and nab the powerful elites by taking their name. The powerful elites are well-known celebrities from politics, media, banking & finance […]